Six Tier Tower

Six Tier Tower

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Get a macaron tower for your next event and wow your guests with a dessert that is almost too pretty to eat!

Macarons will be sent in bulk packaging along with a six tier plastic tower and assembly instructions. 

Choose up to 6 flavors for each layer of the tower. We offer two versions, a "fully loaded" version, the maximum number of macarons the tower can handle, and a smaller version where the macarons will need to be further spaced apart but will still be filled.

We recommend 2-3 macarons per person. 

The breakdown for the maximum amount of macarons is as follows:

Tier One (Top Tier): 5 macarons

Tier Two: 10 macarons

Tier Three: 12 macarons

Tier Four: 17 macarons

Tier Five: 19 macarons

Tier Six (Bottom Tier): 22 macarons



Big Macs (XL)