Save yourself the time and stress of wondering if you'll have enough macarons for the month! Try our new Subscription service, available now on all of our products. You'll receive 10% off for your first 2 months, and 15% off per shipment after that 🤯
How does it work? Your first order will ship as soon as possible, just like a regular order. After that, your shipments will be sent on the corresponding date relative to when you paid for your subscription.
After your first order no matter if you chose your own flavors or chose a variety, your order will be defaulted to a random variety of our seasonal flavors. If you would like to customize the box, you will need to email at least 72 hours before the day your next subscription order is processed.
 You will be able to pause and cancel at any time, and also change which product you are subscribed to, all from your account. To manage your subscription, head over to your account by clicking here and click Manage Subscription.