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Artfully Crafted, Thoughtfully Packaged

If you've ever ordered macarons or any food online before, you might know how different shipping can be compared to any other product you order. In fact, they are one of the most fragile, time sensitive, and delicate food products to ship. 

Most importantly, macarons are incredibly susceptible to warmer temperatures. Sure, some other places might use ice packs (or even just one single pack) in your order, but most of the time they're long melted before they're even put on the delivery truck!  And guess what, the back of those delivery trucks certainly are not refrigerated (or even air conditioned) and can reach temperatures of up to 100°+ F. 

So if they haven't completely melted by the time they get to you, are macarons okay at room temperature? I mean sure, but they certainly do not last long and their quality is quickly compromised. They lose flavor, lose that signature "soft yet chewy" texture, and basically everything you look for in a high quality French macaron. We would never want that to happen to you or to a gift you’re sending someone special! 

That's why we've spent countless hours researching and developing a unique process to expertly package each and every order, to not only protect your macarons when they leave our facility but up until they arrive at your door. 

Our boxes are specifically designed to keep your precious macarons at refrigerated temperatures for up to 48 hours, and below room temperature for up to 72 hours. This means fresher macarons, and happier you!

The Data

We ship all our orders with a goal of 72 hours or less in transit. Above is a typical 2-Day shipment to a moderately warm climate. As you can see, the blue line represents ambient temperatures outside the box, which hit approximately 95 degrees at times. And if the ice packs inside your shipment have melted before delivery, the macarons would be subject to temperatures of close to 85 degrees during delivery!
No need to worry with a shipment from us though, as the green line represents our package, cool and refrigerated for the entirety of the shipment no matter what the outside temperature.
But wait, there's more! Each aspect of the box has been thoughtfully chosen to reduce the impact it has on the environment, while carefully protecting your order during shipping. Inside the box, you'll find instructions for every item on how to recycle, reuse, or even dispose of via biodegrading and composting!