Recycling Our Packaging

When we first got into shipping our macarons, one thing was very clear. Shipping was not going to be easy. We spent a ton of time researching and testing different methods of how to ship these delicate beauties not only safely but in the most environmentally friendly way possible. 

Let's go into detail about each aspect of our process to make what is the most eco-friendly macaron shipment around.

Cotton Insulated Liners

First, our cotton liners. The star of the show. These fabulous insulators are made from recycled cotton and entirely biodegradable!

biodegradable chart

On top of that, they are also recyclable at certain facilities, which can recycle them again back into cotton products. But, our favorite part is that you can recycle them yourself! You can use them to make a pillow, make a pet bed, or use as a garden weed barrier.

Paper & Cardboard

We really hate bubble wrap. All that wasted plastic, and plus who wants to ship air? When you open our packages, you won't be finding any bubble wrap. We use recycled paper as our fill, and we have a special machine that cuts our excess cardboard from shipments into protective netting. All this is recyclable with your curbside cardboard recycling!